jellyfish hat

a root vegetable hat (ravelry link)

jelly fish hat

ingredients in story form:
sarah put on her blog that she had colinette afghan leftovers that she wanted to pass along to someone who could use them. i can always use scraps, so i emailed that if no one else wanted them, i’d take them. well, not only were they not scraps to me, there were enough of 2 colors of mohair that i will be able to make whole hats out of!! i started this right after i got sarah’s generous package, but just recently went on a finishing spree and gave it (and all the other hats you’ve seen as of late) the embellishment.

jelly fish hat

ben insisted this one was the jelly fish hat and i must agree with him. at the vancouver aquarium, there is no shortage of fascinating jelly fish to look at and that was one of the last things i did before i moved away from there.  being from a land-locked state, i find the ocean totally fascinating.

and lastly this button is of interest – it is celluloid from the 1920s and 30s, a fact which i would have never ever known, had i not purchased a bunch of them from vintage necessities.  i so wish i knew more about my own button collection!

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