yay! i’m so excited that bunch of you are interested in doing a word-along. i made a thread in the knit one, embellish too group over on ravelry. you are perfectly welcome to join the group or just chat in the thread. i’m excited to see what everyone else does.

4 lbs, 4 oz!!

while dyeing this 4 lbs 4 oz (!!) of roving on independence day… i started knitting my first hat to embroider on for the word-along… although there’s always the danger of embroidering on a hat i’ve already knit too. one thing that i like about words is that they have less masculine or feminine connotations – so they’re great for hats men can wear too. as you all know, i’m always looking for those.

a lot of roving II

a lot of roving I

these rovings should last me a while :) although i have already spun one up.

4 thoughts on “word-along

  1. I’m going to have to do the word thing one some of my monthly charity hats…how cool would it be to put words like “hope” and “dream” and “love” on hats for people who are having a rough time?

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