command word-along

this could totally be an idea that nobody is interested in… but i was wondering if any of you all would be interested in knit-a-long of making accessories and embroidering words on them. i think of these words as ‘command’ words because when i learned the french language, that’s what we called them – plus it makes me giggle that my hat’s commanding people to take action in some way. when i made this hat

biker hat

ben and i spent some very silly times coming up with other command words i could use on hats. i think this kettle started brewing with this hat though, commanding people to ‘craft.’

i was originally just going to ask you for your ideas of words for me to use, but i thought it would be much more exciting to have company :) i could put the word swim on a hat, but since i’m not a swimmer, it wouldn’t make much sense. let me know if you’re interested and i’ll start a thread in the ravelry group.

biker hat

seriously though, what would you like to command the people around you to do…
i’m thinking my next one might need to say grow…

UPDATE: i started the thread here. hurrah!

17 thoughts on “command word-along

  1. yeah i’ll totally do some… except, i’m planning to take some boring already-knit items and add words. so for me it won’t be a KAL, it’ll be an EAL…?

  2. Yay! I just started working on my garterslouch hat, holding double some sock yarn I’ve had FOREVER (since I discovered that I hate knitting socks). I definitely want to do a word-hat for this year’s ‘Localvore’ challenge when harvest season begins, but it will have to be on a different hat since the colors I’m using right now aren’t very harvest-y.
    I’ll come up with a word for this one, though, and you’ll see pics on my blog when I finish it!

  3. Yes! I was going to make something like this from your book for a dear friend of my, using handspun she spun and gave me, so this is the perfect kick in the butt to DO it!

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