reduce, reuse, recycle

so. ever since i designed this hat, i’ve wanted to put ‘command words’ on hats, but i had to wait until the book came out. i blogged about the middle of the series already, and so here are the other two!

reduce hat


i think that many of you know i’ve been digging the slouchy hat lately. there was garterslouch and the hat earlier in this series. and it’s true, i am loving the slouch, but i’m also incredibly picky about the slouch. the brim is where my pickiness comes in because the whole hat rests on the brim. if the brim is none-too-good, the hat falls down into your eyes or off of your head. that said, this brim pleases me immensely :) as does the craziness that is this hat!!


my hand dyed recycled sweater wool
recycled sweater wool

adult medium/large

reduce hat

recycle hat

recycle hat

the good ol’ train tam pattern. i noticed a while back that i’d no little hats left to sell! so i made some. the light green stripes have a bit more yellow in them than appears in the pics.

inherited and new wool

recycle hat

adult small/medium

and here they all are together:

reduce, reuse, recycle hats

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