recycling a ladies sweater

recycled lady sweater

recycled february lady sweater – taking pictures at this point makes me feel like i’m on the jetsons :)

the body is officially done! one good thing about being sick is that i always get lots of knitting on things i shouldn’t be knitting on otherwise done. i’m really happy with this so far!  we’ll see, i think the arm holes may be a bit big.

otherwise, i’ve been spinning a bit in the last few days.  every time i take a hiatus from spinning (usually because i run out of dyed roving)… it always feels so good to get back to it.  i’m hoping to do some dyeing on thursday or friday so i can keep on going!

this week i’m also planning to do a re-haul of my labeling system for my yarn and knits.  i do not plan to stop hand writing most of it, but maybe i’ll get some of the stuff printed on 100% recycled card stock and do a little drawing – or (gasp!) – a logo.  imagine that :)  the next craft fair i’ve coming up will afford me a 8 foot table and a 6 foot table under my tent, so all of the hats and yarns and everything will be coming with!!  it will be the biggest booth i’ve done so far.

11 thoughts on “recycling a ladies sweater

  1. ahahah! i love the look on your face. it’s quite different than your usual expressions. not to mention the sweater is adorable. :D

  2. Your posts make me really wanna knit for myself, not my kids! I LOVE this cardy (sorry so English..), it’s gorgeous and the colour is amazing. It is definately going on my to do list…..Thanks once again for sharing. X

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