in the wool, dyeing

100% merino – about 4 oz each – these two are my faves

with a little shetland in the front that is mine… very tropical

all together they kind of clash. the merino is for the shop because they sell out as soon as i dye it! the basket has been nearly empty for a couple of weeks now… and the little bob of shetland is for me – as is the shetland below.  i think it’s about four ounces.  when i spin it up, i’ll let you know what the sheep’s name is too :)


dyed when i was sick and probably shouldn’t have been dyeing. i always get mad when i’m only body sick because i’m not getting as much done as i want to. my brain is firing full speed ahead and the poor body can barely keep up! anyhow, that’s mostly over now and i’m preparing for a 3 day craft fair in a couple of weeks (and answering your emails from the last week). should be an interesting one… i also have a couple of commissions that i hope to show you soon. hope you have a nice relaxing sunday!

4 thoughts on “in the wool, dyeing

  1. Beautiful dyeing! Sorry to hear you’re under the weather – somehow there’s nothing worse than feeling sick in the summer…it just seems wrong!

    Are either of those two top rovings going in your Etsy shop? I covet!

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