in sickness and in health

i will spread the craft :)

alisa and her friend chris came over in early evening so that i could help her get started on her on the new/old spinning wheel that she found in an antique store a couple of weeks ago.

sorry for the blurry pic, but i hate flash… her first skein!
alisa's first skein

here’s a less blurry one
alisa's first skein

doesn’t she look pleased as punch? she picked it up like that (snaps fingers), and then admitted to being an armchair spinner. hurray alisa! to many many more skeins.

just a note on the wheel… it’s an ashford traditional, which is just what she wanted. but i don’t think that you know that i also spin on an ashford traditional. a lot of newish spinners end up with these because they’ve been made since 1938. if you click this link, you can see all of the versions.

and just so that you know. i have one from 1982, alisa’s is from 1964, and gwen and lauren both have ones from 1975. these wheels do get around and they’re a good workhorse wheel to start on, plus they have an elegant, traditional spinning wheel look which i think has some charm.

4 thoughts on “in sickness and in health

  1. awh She is so cute with her yarn!! You can just tell from the sparkle in her eyes that she’s a sweet soul.

    I hope that if you’re sick that you feel better soon hunny!


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