spinning, knitting, and crocheting – oh my!

i never remember to take pictures of anything except wool – so i was super impressed that i thought to take photos during spinning/knitting/eating group this evening. we start at the yarn store and then usually end up with food at my house.

here’s early on:

lauren (crocheting), gwen (knitting), and the blogless but fiber-ful rachel (holding roving, although too tired to spin).

one of the first things rachel ever said to me was, “why would anybody want to dye their own yarn?!?” and now, guess what she wants to do… i’m like a disease :D


and later on, we found the box of book knits in the room upstairs and this is what happened

they were honestly putting on as many knits as they could at one time. i just couldn’t resist taking photos.

on the menu? always bread and cheese, a lovely salad with local CSA lettuce, wild rice, and a pepper, yam, and white bean ragout, and strawberries, brownies and whipped cream for dessert. yum. fiber and more fiber :) and friends. what more could one ask for?

9 thoughts on “spinning, knitting, and crocheting – oh my!

  1. Looks like fun,wish I was there! I just discovered that there is a knitting group in my community. Now I have to get some nerve and go.

  2. Thanks for a great spinning class today at Knit One. I had a lot of fun! My yarn is turning out pretty well. Spinning is so addictive!
    I couldn’t get over how well the kids were doing in class today. Don’t forget to add pennies to your spindle?!

  3. Love the modeling of the book items. The pink snood (smoke ring?) convinced me that I have to make that as a Christmas gift for someone this year! So pretty.

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