makes me feel like i’m chanting for a sports team. i went to the UofM – UofM…


ahem. anyhow. i made two baby suprise jackets (ravelry link) in the last short while and can i just say that this pattern is brilliant!! i love scrappy things to begin with and this is the perfect scrappy project, since you can change colors at any time and still have it look great because the last rows go all the way down the front and around the back. on top of that, it’s fun to knit, i love garter stitch, and it’s cute – cute – cute! i finished these two up last night.

this autumnal bsj was made while watching my booth at a craft fair… mostly all in one day and much of it done while walking around or chatting with other craftspeople. i did find that i had to sit down and read the instructions once in a while ;)

autumnal baby surprise jacket

worstedish weight on size 6 needles.

my handspun wool (thick and thin) – this one had been around for a while – here’s the yarn and here’s the roving
1970’s hunter orange pull skein wool from the goodwill in missoula
finished with some recycled sweater wool because i used up both of the others

by the way, i do have a wee one in mind for this one. apparently, if i knit it, the wee ones will be provided.

autumnal baby surprise jacket close-up

the blue forest bsj was started right after the first one. did i mention this pattern is also addictive? i did most of it at a party with the people ben went to germany/austria with. it is a wild party in which you can almost knit a whole baby sweater during it…

blue forest baby surprise jacket

sport and dk weight wool on size 6 needles.

two mill ends from mountain colors
my hand dyed recycled sweater wool

this one is a spare. my plan is to always keep one of these around just in case – cause those babies are, you know, surprising :)

blue forest baby surpise armpit

i’m not yet sure what i’m doing for these two for fasteners. the autumnal one has button holes, but i’m considering either a couple of loops with buttons or loops with crocheted buttons. the button holes ended up in an awkward place with the color change, so i think i like it a bit more open. any suggestions? either way, neither of these will get fasteners until they’re on their way out into the world… so i declare them done!

blue forest baby suprise garter

last time i talked about the bsj, a lot of people said they wanted to make one soon too…  anyone made one? how’d it go? feel free to link to your project in the comments if you did!  i’d love to see them.

15 thoughts on “BSJ – BSJ…

  1. This one is on my list, for sure. I have three (three!) friends due in October, all of whom are having baby boys. One of them is my best friend from high school, and I’d love to learn to spin and come up with something really special for her. I love how these look in handspun.

    Of course, this is assuming I learn to spin AND can produce a solid yarn by October. It’s a goal!

  2. Those are some seriously cute jackets! I’m very tempted to buy the pattern… even though no one I would knit for is even thinking of having babies right now.

  3. Beautiful wee jackets, I love the autumn coloured one, so adorable!!!!! I have applied for an invitation to Ravelry, ca’t wait to get on their and check it out…….X

  4. ohhhh wow… gorgeous work.I have had this in my ravelry favourites for awhile now and your handspun version has me itching to cast on….. love it.

  5. i have had one up on my blog for a bit now. i’m definitely knitting more, i feel like i won a prize — figuring out that pattern without help from someone who’s done one.

    the pattern is available in the knitter’s almanac and the opinionated knitter (both would be at any good public library) and schoolhouse press sells the books (independently published, amazon probably has it, but buy it from the source, it’s nicer). i love the opinionated knitter and added it to my christmas wish list because it’s full of great patterns and laughs.

  6. Yarn shops often carry it as an individual pattern, but I think the Opinion Knitter is worth the money if only to look at the pictures.

    Here’s mine, and I blogged about the fastening issue:

    I don’t get a prize, though, because I used a cheatsheet from the BSJ Ravelry group. I am so impressed with people who can feel confident enough to do any kind of EZ pattern without cheating. ;)

  7. I made twisted cord yarn ties for a jacket I made for my granddaughter. I twisted up the yarn (you know – you double a long length and put the middle end over a door knob or a hook, then twist your end in your fingers until the yarn is really twisted tight, then take the other end off the hook carefully, and let the length twist back on itself). I threaded the twisted length through the jacket before letting it twist back on itself, and it worked really well. You can see the jacket in my Ravelry projects here.

  8. I haven’t made one yet, but I want to if for no other reason than I’ve never made one and it looks like a fun little project. I recently overheard a couple of knitters talking about knitting rites of passage…apparently the BSJ is one of them. (The Clapotis was the other they noted…that one I’ve done!)

  9. I think the red one has a very Chinese Imperial look. You could make knotted frog fasteners out of I-cord. But they would probably get limp with use. Gold dragon buttons.

  10. BSJ for Fabian and Marias little baby boy
    Hi, Cosy! This was my first. The second I haven’t sewn together yet. I made it one-coloured because I thought I would get the in/decreases better. It did help :-)

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  12. I am on my 6th now. I am addicted to making them. The first had some errors, but came out fine. I have gotten better and better at them and can’t wait to see a baby in one of them. Definitely something I will keep making because I don’t want to forget how! I have the Opinionated Knitter on order and am looking forward to making an ASJ!

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