handspun world

it has been incredibly exciting to see all the book projects popping up on the internets. there might be nothing quite so instantly gratifying as writing a knitting accessory book. i can’t even imagine writing a book of all sweaters – it would feel like the wait was forever before someone had one done! i’m also pretty stoked that people are using my patterns for handspun, using up scraps of yarn and that there’s some embroidery happening too. i couldn’t ask for anything more, except that all of your projects fit you perfectly ;)

because i generally don’t do picture-less posts, here is a picture of some twirly girl bonnets in progress along with the yard in progress. i plan to have some of these at craft fairs in the future. since the book came out, i can now make some of the projects to sell!! yay! feels like i waiting a long, long time.

twirly girls

without further ado, on to the projects of others…
janet made this malabrigo root vegetable hat and this handspun train tam (ravelry links)

emily made two!! projects already and is on to her third: father’s day hat, wristers made of her first handspun (ravelry links), and on her blog, we get a sneak peak of her newest hat in progress.

i also got a very nice note over ravelry from shana who bought and spun up some of the roving i dyed for the shop. here’s her blog entry. i’ll let it tell the story, but it is the first hand painted roving she’s worked with and i think she did a smashing job! i was very excited to get her note because i rarely get to see the stuff i dye for the shop spun and knit up – she’s even started a hat using it.

and lastly, two train tams have caught my eye lately – this alpaca handspun one by my friend sarah and this scrappy stripey one made by erin.

for the locals – if you’re in pgh and you’d like to spin with other folks, we have spinning group at knit one this saturday! should be a good time and sounds like a bunch of people are coming… there should be at least four or five of us, mostly on drop spindles. stop by to spin and/or knit and/or chat.

twirly girls

4 thoughts on “handspun world

  1. Aww..I’m glad you liked my hat. I love the beautiful projects that others are creating as well–great patterns, Cosy!

  2. Oh, I’m so happy for you! I would love to see photos of what people do with my stuff too, so I can understand your excitement. I can’t wait to see you today. It seems like it’s been a long time. :D

  3. Hi Cosy,
    This is off the subject of your post but I couldn’t figure out how to email you. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I finally figured out what the disassembled wheel is in my barn (which is now assembled). I have a walking wheel! I will take pictures to bring back, but until I move until the new apartment next month I will leave it here in Wellsboro for safe-keeping. I think it will need some work but it is beautiful! Hope your weekend has been wonderful. See you on Tuesday!

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