big plans for chickens

you would think with this blogging nearly every day thing, that i wouldn’t have fibery things happen that i just never get around to telling you, but it’s true. first, and most recent, i did manage to knit in public on saturday. ben and i went to a cafe around the corner and whilst i sipped a chai, i worked on the february lady sweater (ravelry link). what can i say? i apparently want to be flint knits when i grow up since my first and second sweaters were both inspired by her version of said sweaters (she actually wrote this one). if this one turns out nearly as good as the last, i may never make a sweater that she hasn’t made again ;)

american eagle outfitters

if you remember, ben went to germany/austria on a trip with his department at school… and what did he bring me home?

thrifted and gifted

yup. yarn, but not just yarn, yarn from a thrift store :) he said that he chose this one because it made him think of handspun. we are quite the pair.

a while before that i did a swap with the lovely helen of stripy sock studio.

she sent numerous fabulous and fun things
including this woolie and buttony pin which immediately went on one of my favorite bags


this beautiful doll that she made using recycled sweaters, who i have named bianca


and this super super cool old ball winder



which you can apparently get in rhodesia and west germany… if only they still existed! drat!

well, there’s my one swap for the year :)

i’ve also inherited some buttons lately…
quite a while ago when a very sweet person on ravelry sent me this note:

[I was reading you blog and…] I saw you really love buttons so I though I could send you some of mine. I received some in my childhood, others came from the shop (mercerie? I don’t know the exact word in English) my grand grand parents owned.
I never did anything with them…

…I just find it a bit sad that those buttons live in a box for so many years. Maybe you could give them a second chance :)

and then lynne sent me some shortly after our may market experience. thanks to both of you!


the chicken and the polka dot ones came from belgium and the rest from lynne. unfortunately i waited so long to take this photo that the other belgium ones got mixed in with some of mine :/

but i must say, i have BIG plans for those chickens!!

have a great monday!

8 thoughts on “big plans for chickens

  1. Chicken buttons! so cute… Thank’s for the kind comment on my blog Cosy, I think I’m getting back into blogging again after my break ;)
    The vintage ball winder box looks great. Ack, I never find cool stuff like that here ::sigh:
    What a great guy to bring back yarn for you, that’s love ;)

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