tnna is over. i’ve a new job doing some cleaning and am not working at the yarn store very much. ben’s off of school and back from europe. so, in a desperate attempt to get things to settle down over here, i’m going to bring us back to more normal blog-type fare. in fact, i’m going to do the breed specific wool reviews that i promised you a while ago. but first, to wrap some stuff up for this week.

this sunday!

this saturday is world wide knit in public day. i’m hoping to show at this one after i teach a spinning class from 12-2, although i don’t know that i can get there before it’s over. and in the exact same place as knit in public, is the sundae market, where i will be hawking my wares on sunday afternoon.
the name game names have been chosen! go see which ones won. ben and i were feeling kind of odd tonight and so we did a lot of name squishing together.
my friend sarah posted two fo’s from the book – a root vegetable hat that she actually knit as a test knit and her pixie bonnet (ravelry links) (LOVE that tassel) and here’s her flickr in case you aren’t on rav.
and lastly, but not least, i want to thank you all for the lovely little notes you have been sending as you’ve received my book in the mail :) they make me smile.
and also, thanks to all of you that have mentioned me and my book on your blogs. you all rock. seriously.
next up? wool reviews.

p.s. if you’d like to see 10 of my book knits in person… harass your local yarn store into contacting me at cosyknitsliterally (!at) gmail (dot!) com about having the trunk show!!

5 thoughts on “settling

  1. That poster cracks me up! I can just imagine that Monster Truck Rally voice saying “SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!”

    I didn’t know Saturday was THE day for KIPing. Thanks for letting me know. Maybe I’m not a very good knitter, being uninformed as I am.

  2. I look forward to reading your breed specific reviews! A few years ago, I attended SOAR on scholarship, but sadly have not been able to attend since. I took a spinning wool course in which we did experience different breeds. I would love to explore different breeds more, maybe your review will be the push I need to really do it.

  3. Girl! Looks like your life has been a whirlwind lately, albiet a hugely exciting one.

    Wishing you quiet, thoughtful cups of tea over the weekend.


    x Helen

  4. I cleaned houses through college. Part of me really enjoyed it.

    I write book reviews sometimes here and there. Are there any publications you can think of that review knitting books? Mabye IK? I’d be happy to write up a stelllar review, although, in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve always reviewed literature, never craft books. Still, first time for everything and all that. I could write you the most awesomest review on the planet and maybe they’d all be knocking down your door for more and you’d never have to do anything but what you love again.

    On a related note, I’ve been meaning to send you a check for the book but (this is embarrasing) I’ve lost the e-mail with your address. Could you send it again, por favor?

    I hope the weekend treats you well, and that you make a small fortune on Sunday. When do we get to see your movie knit on the big screen?

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