name game

well, some yarns (like the one above) sold without names… and so your charge is to name these ones!. as usual, if your name is chosen and you think you may want the yarn, email me and i’ll give you the specs. if you choose to buy, you get 5% off of the price and free shipping to US/Canada and a couple bucks off the shipping to elsewhere. game ends wednesday evening after i get back from yoga (9:30 my time). i love your creativity and you are in NO WAY obligated to buy or even think about buying if you participate in the naming. there are two ways to name, click into flickr and comment, or comment on this blog post.

1 corriedale, i separated the lighter from the darker
name me!

2 bfl
what do i remind you of?

3 corriedale
i certainly need a name...

4 corriedale
what should i be called?

5 corriedale
what do i remind you of?

6 corriedale
what do i remind you of?

7 cormo
name me!

8 bfl
name me!

9 longwool lambswool, kid mohair, and alpaca – PA farm wool
name me!

10 british columbia farm wool and some other wool that i lost track of
what should i be called?

5 thoughts on “name game

  1. I love these!

    1: grape soldier
    2: center stripe
    3: ecclectic jellyfish
    4: cloud stew
    4: candy shoppe
    5: lime tart
    6: aunt rose
    7: jack and the beanstalk
    8: cousin viola
    9: subway train

  2. 1. Carousel
    2. Toxcicity
    3. Fruit Parade
    4. Berry Storm
    5. Smörgåsbord
    6. Push-pop
    7. Strawberry daiquiri
    8. Tropical Seaweed
    9. Fruit Roll-up
    10. Puddle Jumper

  3. Cosy, pleeeeeeeeease sell me the first one and the yellow/purple BFL. I named them “MINE.” Or, barring that, just the BFL. It just so happens to coordinate with this yarn I recently dyed and I have an idea… hmmm…

  4. Oh, Esmeralda made it! Since I live in Germany, you just sell the beauties to somebodyelse :-) I am happy just to have been in the name game.

    Love Storebukkebruse
    (manisha on Ravelry)

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