double takes

i can’t even explain how tired i was when i fell into bed last night at midnight. i couldn’t even brush my teeth. i felt like i could barely walk. then i slept 10 hours and now i feel better.

what can i say about tnna?

there were knitting rock stars. some whom i didn’t talk to, some whom i did, and some whose knits i admired, but didn’t introduce myself to. some whose hands i shook. there were quasi-newbies like me who i totally enjoyed meeting.

i swapped signatures with two designers, also published by my publisher. unlike me, the complete slacker, the incredibly nice hannah took some photos. and read her entry… i love the story at the end. the perfect end to TNNA :D


i wonder if i’ll ever stop being shocked when i see infamous knitters. i physically remember doing at least 3 complete, just like on television, double takes. the person who i did talk to above ended up talking to me purely because i was headed for the water fountain and there she was, to the right of it, standing waiting for someone. i did a double take, dropped all my reserve and walked right up to her and shook her hand. she’s very very nice, by the way and i really enjoyed meeting her.

there were 50 books. they were gone in 30 minutes. my signature got worse with each book, but never fear! they’re still me. i did a bit of guerrilla marketing by wearing these and then when people commented, i told them i was signing, at what time and in what booth. it was really an accident in marketing, who knew my new thrifted dress would be perfect for the hot weather and car, but too cold for the air conditioning of the convention center and that these would be necessity? kismet.

i was very excited to meet people from ghost knitters and the stitch cooperative – and to find out more about these fabulous organizations.

some people totally thought flo or sue was my mother :D i guess that’s what i get for hanging out with people my mom’s age. for the record, my mom looks like this. if only the people who met flo and sue knew what INCREDIBLE knitters they are. nay, not just knitters, designers. the best kept secret, until i manage to interview them all for this blog ;) i’ll do sue next so that you know what i’m talking about.

i was so so so pleased to finally shake hands with jess, casey, and mary-heather of ravelry. it was also great to finally meet shannon okey who interviewed me very early on in my knitting career here. i would say that she is certainly another rock star.

overall, it was a great day and the conclusion is that i wrote a book and people actually like it. amazing.

p.s. someone even recognized me in person and said she liked my hats! how crazy is that?!? and you can imagine that there were some jokes on flo and sue’s part about my head getting swollen :)

p.p.s. stay tuned for the name game very soon!

6 thoughts on “double takes

  1. i just have to say your book is wonderful, very professional and gorgeous pics.
    Thanks for sending me one!

  2. Oh, squee! It was superexciting to finally meet you in person, not to mention find out you are (relatively) in the neighborhood now. I am LOVING your book, read it in the hotel before bed because I couldn’t wait a minute more. Brilliant. It is lovely and so are you!

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