Felt Studio UK and TNNA

first off, if you are going to TNNA, i’ll be at the North Light Books booth at 1:00 to sign copies of my book. otherwise, i’ll be wandering around with flo and another sue (who i haven’t cornered into being interviewed yet). if you see me (note the rhinestone glasses, they’re my most defining characteristic), i may be a bit loopy. i will have gotten up at 4:30 to accomplish this feat and we probably won’t head back until late into the night ;)

1970's ski sweater hat

and the guest spinner i have for you today is daniella of felt studio uk. daniella specializes in falkland wool, which is lovely, both to spin and to knit with.

1970's ski sweater hat

1970’s ski sweater hat.

yellow bells jester hat

yellow bells jester hat.

yellow bells jester hat

she spins one mean aran weight wool, meaning it’s predictable in one way, but never predictable in the way it will knit up. plus, i sometimes like knowing that i can knit a particular handspun on a particular needle. i would say that daniella’s yarns are a very good choice if you’re wanting to mix handspun with commercial yarn and make a good solid fabric.

5 thoughts on “Felt Studio UK and TNNA

  1. Yay! glad to see you too are enamored of Daniella’s yarns. While I do not knit, I am a traditional felt maker and needle felter and incorporate her yarns and roving in some of my work. Daniella has an incredible eye for color, plus her technical skill and consistency of product is fantastic. Your hats look great.

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