i was sitting upstairs

spinning this yarn when this arrived


i’m speechless. if you’ve never heard of SOAR – here’s the low down. i know i didn’t tell you all that i was applying or anything… it came as a recommendation from another spinner i know, when i asked her about getting advanced spinning lessons somewhere. it just happened that this year it is close enough for me to drive, so i applied.

i’m so very excited and feeling so very blessed and confirmed in this crazy fibery life of mine.  i’m going to go spin some more.

16 thoughts on “i was sitting upstairs

  1. So much to celebrate! You GO girl!! That is fantastic news and I’m so excited for you. What a great summer you’re shaping up to have.


  2. Huzzah!! That looks amazing. You’ll have such a fabulous time.
    Andrew and I were missing you and Ben particularly yesterday. We were feeling blue and moping about the house and I suggested we go see “Iron Man”. So, we went. By ourselves. We lamented the fact that since you two left town, there’s no one to go see superhero/comic book movies with. xoooxo.

  3. YAY! I said a little prayer for you when I ordered the autographed book…that you would feel DEFINITE and uplifted about the fibery life…

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