folktale fibers

first off, autographed copies of the book are back in the shop if you’ve been looking! that means that if you pre-ordered (and got your payment in), i either mailed it last week or today so you should be getting them shortly! if you got your payment in a bit later, those will hopefully go out later this week if all goes as planned.

popsicle mittens

i thought maybe i’d go back to regular programming soon, but i’m enjoying showing some of the book projects and saying a bit about them – so i’m going to go with it!

today’s book knit is brought to you by the letter f. i realize that in the book, it says that the yarn for the popsicle mittens and for the twirly girl bonnet is by feral feminine, but her business has changed slightly since then, so i’ll re-direct you to folktale fibers (blog). abby’s shop is here and she still makes these ingenious self-striping yarns although i see none in her shop at the moment. she’s a fabulous spinner and i am so happy she agreed to be a part of the book. thanks abby! may you have many sales from it.

popsicle mittens

in weekend news, the craft fair was good, if for no other reason because i got to hang out with lauren of klotho handspun. it was not very busy, but i did sell some stuff.

the book release party was fabulous. i broke out my favorite 1960s dress that i’ve had since high school. we drank wine, ate food, we, of course, knit and i got to sign some books. i also got to meet the very sweet julia for the first time and she gifted me some white merino/tencel blend. i’ve never spun tencel before so that should be fun. thanks julia!

popsicle mittens

have a great monday!!

5 thoughts on “folktale fibers

  1. I got my book on Friday and spent part of the weekend with it. It’s super fantastic !! Not only are the patterns great, there’s tons of great picture tutorials, how to pick colors, etc. Now I’ve got to decide what to make first !

  2. Thanks Cosy! I’ve been stockpiling my self-striping yarns for craft shows, but there will be more in my etsy soon.

    The party sounds fun! I wish I was a little closer!

  3. I got it! I got it! The patterns are so beautiful, and I am going to make each and every one of them. Thank you for this book – I have a feeling that I will be knitting out of it for a lifetime…

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