two days of…

and no knitting if you can believe that!
i worked 23 hours of the last 2 days counting yarn. ben came home saturday night and his jet lagged and sleep lagged self barely interrupted the schedule. it has been a veritable factory over here of signing, packaging, and getting things ready to mail. a bunch will be going out today. more tomorrow. i know you expected nothing else ;)

here’s one of my favorite book projects:

twirly girl bonnet

a happy accident, as are many great projects. this one is made from handspun from folktale fibers. it was actually a ball that she threw in as a bonus with the book yarn… but i could not resist the lure of handspun. two of my friends with lots of long hair tried this on and one put her hair in a bun at the neck and one pulled it through the hole and both looked fabulous. a good solution for hair without the 1980s headband look that i try so hard to avoid. personally, i LOVE bonnets, so you know i’ll be making more of these.

twirly girl bonnet

8 thoughts on “two days of…

  1. I really love it. I’ll definitely be making some when I get my book. Maybe I’ll even try my hand at spinning up some fiber for it. Whee!

  2. This one is fantastic! The colors are so subtle and the embroidery is terrific. I was thinking that I’d save on shipping by getting your book the next time I visit. Did I mention that already?

  3. Fantastic! I just had to tell you I saw your book yesterday in a bookshop in Oslo, Norway! Isn’t that great! I was browsing the books to see what they could offer me, now that I’m on holiday, and there it was! Congratulations on international success!

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