ATTENTION! book pre-orders

lookee what showed up in the mail today :)

out on friday!!

which is VERY exciting… and which means you should maybe send me an email if you have any instructions about whom or how you would like the book signed. otherwise, i’ll assume it’s for you and sign accordingly.

so, i got to thinking about mailing all these books and found out they can be mailed book rate for about $2.50, but they can’t be mailed book rate with yarn in them. i’m going to make an executive decision and send all of the US ones by book rate and instead of the 50 yards of recycled wool (which it kills me not to send because it just goes so well with the book) i will provide a 10% off coupon for the shop with a promise that i’ll make some more color kits that you could use to make the book hats soon. there are also single patterns you can purchase there. if you really really need a bit of recycled sweater wool, please email me and i may make an exception. also, if any of you international folks would prefer the coupon to yarn, let me know.

that said, i am working at the yarn store thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and monday (good timing, i know) so i’ll be mailing the US ones in little batches at night using the automated mail thing. good times! international packages, i’m sorry but you must go out a bit later since the automatic machine doesn’t do international… this also isn’t all of the book pre-orders. i should be getting some more within the next week. thanks for your patience and your support!

i am not only touched that you answered my call for pre-orders, but it has seriously made a difference and allowed me to spend at least one more month working as a full time artist!! thank you and thank you again.

5 thoughts on “ATTENTION! book pre-orders

  1. Congratulations!!! I wish I had preordered from you! =( boo. I had already preordered mine on amazon way before I read your blog request. I know how hard it is to work for yourself full time, so good job and don’t give up!! You can do it!!!! XOXOXO

  2. I looked on your etsy shop, but didn’t see any books for sale. How can I buy a book directly from you and thereby avoid the amazon empire?


  3. here’s my email: kittee68 at yahoo dot com

    thanks! while you’re having your book signing jig, i’ll be getting hitched six hours away.


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