may market at phipps

basil, rosemary

it was raining and windy the whole weekend!! we were outside.
so. freaking. cold. i barely made back my table fee, but i did
1) have a nice time hanging out with lynne and the lady from construction junction
2) give business cards to people who actually live in and around my neighborhood (people know i exist! woot!)
3) talk up my book and my book release party
4) buy a bunch of lovely lovely plants (rose de berne, black prince, and sungold tomatoes, african, red and normal basil, curly parsley, rosemary, and dill) along with some old metal wash bins to plant things in (all of which i shouldn’t have bought because i was making no money, just spending)
5) eat half a lemon through an old fashioned peppermint stick every day and one of the infamous grilled mushroom sandwiches. lynne’s mom told her that the mushroom sandwich tradition at the may market is older than she is (she’s in her late forties…)!! and one woman of a similar age who came by my booth while i was eating my lemon said that she remembered eating them when she was 5.

and i managed to not get sick, which is miraculous.

so that’s the market. i sold some yarn and some mitts, but not enough to justify me doing this market again. it also means i need to make more mitts. i, of course, have been mostly knitting hats* :) mitts are like pulling teeth…

* understatement. i’ve been knitting a TON of hats in the last two weeks. we’ll have to have some hat parading soon.

4 thoughts on “may market at phipps

  1. I was outside all weekend too! It was definitely cold and rainy. Our shadefly kept us dry, except when the rain came in sideways. Too bad the market wasn’t more successful. That lemon and peppermint thing sounds interesting…

  2. I live just down the street from Phipps/Mellon Park, and the weather was such a bust. I wanted to come! It was just not suitable weather for dragging a toddler out in a stroller.

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