plans schmans

so i had planned to have a 3 day yard sale, but it just didn’t work out. know that i have more stuff and i’ll be listing throughout the summer. in the meantime, here’s what the shelves of the yarn room look like – pretty pretty – notice that i’m not showing you the floor ;) i added a couple of notes over in flickr if you’re interested.

yarn room update

i’m hoping to get the rest of it organized while ben’s away playing organs in europe for the next two weeks.

this weekend i had a fabulous surprise! lynne asked me to do the may market with her. hurrah! i needed more and better craft fairs and this was provided. i have high hopes. it being friday, saturday, and sunday, great location. i didn’t even know it existed. ben and i went out and bought two 4 foot folding tables for the occasion yesterday.

my plans for you? although you may have to bear with me this week while i prepare for the big market with lots of handspun, the making of signs and such… what i really want to give to you are some breed specific posts on the wools i’ve recently spun. i’m also hoping to get another interview with one of the women at knitting group this week which probably won’t be posted until next week. there will be some name game action too, but probably not until after the show and there’s also a new hat pattern on the way. so much to do!

have a good monday!

7 thoughts on “plans schmans

  1. I love that shelving unit! I think I’ve said that before, though. LOL I’ve been trying to get my stash contained and organized too, but it’s hard when so many pretty things keep coming home from work with me lately. Alas, after this week, that will be happening no more. Sad. :(

  2. You must not have cats. My stash must be contained behind closed doors or it will be everywhere! Glad I got in on the yarn sale. Thanks for the Harrisville!

  3. Looks awesome! I wish I had room for one of these shelving units in my office/guest room/yarn-fibre room. If I didn’t need it to also function as a guest room, I’d get rid of the futon and put one of these up!

  4. Looks great, and so organized! I’m waiting until after I move in the fall to set up my yarn storage system (this is just an excuse to procrastinate more, of course). Good luck with all your projects :)

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