virtual yard sale

day two… works the same way as yesterday’s post and there are still a couple of things available from yesterday if you’d like to look there too :)

email: cosyknitsliterally (!at) gmail (dot!) com

hand dyed loop mohair – mohair with a bit of nylon – i think the one in ball form may have some silk in it too
$5 plus shipping

the mother load of black mohair – 4 skeins of Sunbeam Paris Mohair (ravelry link) and two skeins of Iam Mohair, no ravelry link – 100 g/200 m 80% mohair/20% acrylic
$10 takes it all, plus shipping

Noro Kabuto (ravelry link)
$5 plus shipping

a nice sort of rough hand dyed wool (not dyed by me)
$2.50 plus shipping

Helen’s Lace – 50% wool/50% silk (ravelry link) the green in this one is brighter than it appears
$20 plus shipping

lace weight merino in navy blue
$4 plus shipping

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