the blues of color

blue knitting

in my first blog entry about color, i mentioned that i never thought i had a favorite color. well, the fact that i’ve been knitting in a lot of blue and the fact that some of you mentioned liking the blue of my sock in the last post has brought me back to thinking about colors again, and the potential of having a color that i’m relatively neutral on. blue is a color that i’m not particularly attracted to. i may, however, be attracted to a particular kind of blue for a particular purpose.

in the photo above, bottom right and fuzzy, you see some of my hand dyed handspun shetland. i am quite a fan of the shetland to begin with, but this blue has more than that going for it. i think grey blues are very beautiful and it helps that the roving was dyed in the wool giving the subtle and lovely depth after plying. ben always likes the dark blue/black/grey combos and so they have been growing on me as i have started to notice and appreciate them more. as a side note, ben’s eyes are blue/grey too. maybe it’s a ben color that has rubbed off on me.

the sock. for some reason, i thought that bright blue needed to be on my feet and i wasn’t particularly enamored with any of the other colinette colors. frankly, in hindsight, i love the spiraling purple/magenta too. ben was surprised by this purchase i think.

light blue ball of yarn. what can i say? this yarn is the nice sort of rough and the depth of color that i always fall for. when my mother-in-law first took me to learn to crochet at my favorite yarn store in fairbanks alaska, i chose a yarn pretty much the same as this one. i have a crocheted potholder made out of it. i looked at all the colors in this sort of yarn and i chose this one. i have no idea :) i think the instructor recommended acrylic or a blend to learn on and i came back with this one. a cheeky girl, i am.

in the back you can see some garter stitch in pale blues and brown – my hand dyed recycled sweater wool. despite the fact that i do, as a general rule, like pale and muted, i think that what attracted me to this one was the interplay between the brown and the blue.

despite the fact that i’m not overly keen on blue as a pure thought, i love both water and sky. i love looking at them and living with them and, frankly, i would not do without any color. i remember once when we had to do a paper trying to convince someone of something in university, i pretended i was the color yellow and i was trying to convince them not to put me in exile. in the same way, the world would not be the world without the color blue. nor could you make green, and that would be a crying shame ;)

your turn. has anyone ever ‘introduced’ you to a color or a particular shade of color so that you saw it in new light again? have you ever surprised others or yourself by choosing to buy something very outside of your personal preference color range? do you love one particular thing because of the color interplaying with other colors, even though you don’t really love the base color? do tell. i’d love to hear your color stories.

3 thoughts on “the blues of color

  1. I had just about the same experience with pink, as you have had with blue. I don’t really care for pink, .but I do like the different shades of pink. The first time I went to my LYS I picked out a yarn that had different shades of pink in it, some shades of red, almost melon like. When I showed the yarn to a co-worker, she was very surprised that I picked such a bright yarn. I usually wear dark colors, mostly black, but I fond that when I knit, the yarns I pick are usually very colorful.

    My feeling about color is it is a mood thing. I have a passion for knitting, creating and it makes me happy; happiness is usually associated with bright colors. So, for me, it is a definite mood thang.

    Thank you for prompting that thought Cosy!

  2. I have a similar relationship with pink as the first poster– I don’t wear it, and i don’t always like it, but pink yarn always attracts me for some reason. I think I like the way lighter colors allow the depth of the fiber to come through. My boyfriend is still always confused when I bring home a pink or “girly” colored yarn, since most of my clothes are green/brown/black.

  3. I’m another non-pink person, but I love it in combination with an ‘earthier’ colour like green or brown. Something about that contrast just appeals to me.

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