sheep and wool was very very fun. i may have to spend the night next year! i arrived via bus with 50 other knitters from pittsburgh, many of which i knew and, frankly, the people who came on that bus really made my day. first we got into the food lines, knowing they would just get longer later – and we were hungry from getting up at an ungodly hour. after eating, i headed to the ravelry meet-up where i met my editor, jennifer, for the first time and got this button

maryland sheep and wool

mostly i was there because i wanted to clap and scream for jess and casey when they arrived :) and i did. they’ve done such an amazing job on the website that they at least deserve to be hooted at. then instead of standing around and feeling awkward i darted off to do my shopping. my friend vivian was all about sitting in the shade, so many of us stopped to sit and chat, eat and drop off our purchases with her. then we headed off shopping with other people when we felt the need to go.

my purchases you ask? all very very boring :)
white roving since i didn’t think my current housing situation very suitable for fleece cleaning
but since you asked, here’s the rundown

-26 oz of corriedale from The Clearing at Curry Farm – this is the only show they do. i really enjoyed talking to her. i saw a bunch of corridale’s too and i must admit, i had no idea they were such big sheep! my friend flo said they could be 150 lbs. that would be as big as me.

-5.5 oz bfl from Potosi Sheep Farm. i may contact them again when they get more roving made. love supporting those small farms.
-24 oz bfl from other sources (most likely imported)

-10 oz of farm wool from The Good Shepherd, the owner of which rattled off a bunch of different breeds she had crossbred to get this particular wool :) after that, i ask you how i could not buy from there?

-the new breed i’m trying out is cormo. i bought 9.2 oz from the America Cormo Sheep Association booth, some from Foxhill Farm and some from Running Wild Yarn (from montana!!). i’ll let you know how she spins. i may have to get ahold of those folks in montana…

i drank strawberry lemonade. my friend christine baked enough fabulous baked goods to keep me and many others in our group away from any other sweets (that and the ice cream line was really really looooooooooong).

and a bit of new knitting was started as bus knitting – colinette jitterbug, size 2 US needles, 3×1 rib. i needed something suitably brainless for a tired trip there and a tired trip home.

colinette jitterbug

i highly recommend going to this festival with friends. a great time was had by all. just wish i had more time to poke around and learn more about the farms.

p.s. i need to order copies of my book very soon – so if you’ve decided to buy a book through me and you haven’t paid yet, please do so! if you need further assistance or want me to bill you over paypal, email me at cosyknitsliterally (!at) gmail (dot!) com.

p.p.s. the name game is done! go look at the yarn names over here. thanks for the help.

have a good monday! i’m dyeing in the bathtub, which, as my roommate pointed out yesterday, sounds utterly morbid ;)

5 thoughts on “maryland

  1. The sock is beautiful (in case you didn’t know, I’m really a fan of blue :)), and it sounds like you had a great time! Can’t wait to see what you make with your new fiber.

  2. Glad you had fun in MD! I’ve lived here 3 years (15 mins from the fairgrounds) and it still amazes me how huge MDSW is and how far people come for it.
    I bought cormo for the 1st time last year, from Foxhill farm. Some plain cormo and some cormo/alpaca and I am IN LOVE. I think I like it even better than straight-up merino. Next time definitely get some of the cormo-alpaca!

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