name game

for those of you not going to maryland sheep and wool, i’ll leave you with something to distract you :)

US domestic wool in lots of 3 and 6 oz. all spun from these rovings. as usual, if your name is chosen and you think you may want the yarn, email me and i’ll give you the specs. if you choose to buy, you get 5% off of the price and free shipping to US/Canada and a couple bucks off the shipping to elsewhere. i’ll pick the names sunday evening. i love your creativity and you are in NO WAY obligated to buy or even think about buying if you participate in the naming. there are two ways to name, click into flickr and comment, or comment on this blog post. the benefit to flickr is that you can focus in on one particular yarn and see it closeup by hitting the all sizes button above the photo (oh la la!).







p.s. just want to do a shout out to sarah and her book. if you’re interested in hats, i think this book is a great resource!

6 thoughts on “name game

  1. 1: Birch Dreams
    2:Freckles-n-lipstick (oooo….cutesy!)
    3:Hydrangea High
    5:Cloud Licker
    6:Kiwi Wine

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