growing things

thanks for the bazillion wonderful comments on the sweater! i think i’ve worked it into the wardrobe every day since i finished it :) luckily it got cooler here because alpaca + 100% humidity + 80 degrees does not really work for me.

my new plant from a knitting friend. i’ve lived here how long and it took spring to get me to have plants of any sort?? i love house plants. i also got a begonia clipping a couple of weeks ago that i’m rooting. yay for plants!

so this week feels like slow motion. ben’s finals week. i’ve been spinning and knitting, but knitting in threes, so you have to wait until they’re all done. i’m close to finishing some commissions (3 acutally…). i’ve been prefering working hard to thinking about this pile growing

although i think a trip to ikea next week for more baskets for the shelf might help a lot. i tried it the pretty way and it just didn’t work.

the trip to maryland sheep and wool? that might just make the pile worse. i’m mostly going to go for roving i think – breed specific and localish. are any of you all going? i’ll be there saturday and will definitely be at the ravelry meet up for a bit at 11:30. i’m very very excited!! i’d love to say ‘hi’ in person if you’re going to be there.

speaking of breed specific local wool

a hat of course! i can’t stop knitting with this shetland. it’s so fluffy and gets so soft when knit up. the fabric is truly remarkable. addictive, that’s what this is.

another thing that is growing is my shop stock. i have a lot of knit goods and handspun yarns and i’m starting to worry that i need to get it out there more. i’ve been thinking about what this might mean. i’m not quite to the point where i’m willing to up my prices crazily and sell in boutiques and yarn stores… so i’m focusing on finding new craft fairs and other spaces where i might fit in. not only do i need new craft fairs, i really need the big ones that will actually make me money… but gas is expensive and will the craft fairs in other cities be worth it?  i’ll certainly be applying to renegade in cleveland and handmade arcade here in pgh.  but as to the others, will someone else i know get into the craft fair so we can carpool? somehow, i just hit a scary spot in the business plan. i guess we’ll see what happens, but something has to happen soon… something’s got to give…

3 thoughts on “growing things

  1. If you decide to go to some of the Chicago craft fairs in the summer you could take the train and sleep on our couch. Although, traveling with the inventory might be a bit difficult. That’s what suitcases are for, though!

  2. I have the very same plant in my kitchen :) don’t know the name but I know it’s a succulent.
    I hope your business works out for you whatever happens.
    What about a craft co-op (don’t know if you have co-ops where you are?) where a number of crafters get together and share business expenses and running costs and maybe get a web-site up and running. I know you have Etsy but a smaller website in addition might be an idea? I presume you have craft councils in the U.S-could you promote your goods on their site? just an idea…

  3. Your fiber corner is so reminiscent of mine! I’m reorganizing mine at the moment to make room for ten pounds of wool and mohair. Yep, ten pounds! I foresee lots of dyeing and spinning this month. You’re an inspiring fiber fiend, Cosy!

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