roving as eye candy

for knit one. 100% merino.

4 oz. and an additional 2 oz of the turquoise. i’m pretty proud of these two – in general, i find it very difficult to leave white.

4 oz. this one was turning out a bit garish, so i added brown towards the end of the process. i really like adding colors in the beginning and then again later on.

3 oz. i love the subtlety of this one.

2 oz. i dyed this one in a little bun, so the top and a bit of the outside got most of the bright/darker colors.

2 oz. another one that got some dye towards the end. i really like how bright this one turned out.

of course, i couldn’t just dye for them… so yesterday i did a bunch of dyeing for me. seems most of what i want to do lately is make pretty yarn.

p.s. yesterday this blog had its 100,000th hit!!! that’s crazy. thanks for reading and sharing, and being over all good company :D

4 thoughts on “roving as eye candy

  1. Geez… these are all beautiful. I was trying to pick out a favorite and having so much trouble deciding before I realized I didn’t really need to pick out a favorite if they’re all so gorgeous!

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