put some wool to dye in the crockpot, start cleaning the yarn room and get completely distracted… by this.

circular knitting needle holder

my new circular needle holder. it’s a great replacement for this one, which i’ve now freed up to a new, more productive life not relegated to the yarn room. if you remember my adventures in felting, you’ll recognize parts of this. i had two fronts of a white cardigan that could not be ripped to recycle the yarn, so first i used them to exhaust a dye bath. then, months later i decided to felt them so that they’d be in a useful state.

circular knitting needle holder

one exacto knife, sliced finger, leftover handspun, two needles, a HUGE knitting needle i never use and some strong yarn to tack down the back later – we’re in business. i even put a couple of tacks in the wall so that i could hang it already. no more circular needle messes for me!

circular knitting needle holder

this project was so quick and satisfying… although i suppose you could say it took me a few months to complete it. i think my favorite things about it is the asymmetry and the wobbly edges. in case you’re curious, the pocket is still fully functioning, just in case i needed it later ;) plus it adds to the wobbly feel and i like.

8 thoughts on “circuitous

  1. heeheehee… i really like that. the little green sprouts coming out of the holes really adds a lot of character. great idea!

  2. Wow- you are so creative! I think that’s the prettiest circular holder I’ve seen. And I really like the pocket- I picture it holding stitch markers…..

  3. Cosy, you are so fabulous… that is lovely, in a way that makes me both want to sigh and smile. Thanks for sharing your idea.

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