things that make me happy


1. planning knitting projects even if it might be a year before i get to them
2. gifts of sock yarn from a fabulous dyer (must knit socks now…)
3. friends who come to visit and on top of that, bring buttons unlike any i’ve ever seen before (they’re wood!)

what makes you happy?

8 thoughts on “things that make me happy

  1. Those buttons are amazing — they look like little cakes!

    I wish I could take it easy today, but no such luck. Writing, writing, stressing, and writing. (And obviously avoiding writing, too!)

  2. I’m always looking for adorable buttons! Those are sweet! How nice of your friend to send them to you… wonder where she got them? It is so hard here in AK to find really nice ones.

  3. Those buttons are envy-inspiring…

    what makes me happy?
    • new yarn
    • new projects
    • new friends with yarn and projects and buttons and cool needle holders
    • new hits on my blog


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