cream of tomato soup cardishirt

what does someone who is undeniably dedicated to all things woolie year round do when she feels some spring fever coming on?

cream of tomato soup cardishirt

cream of tomato soup cardishirt

size 10.5 needles
4 oz of my hand dyed handspun – PA animal friendly shetland – and 2/3 of a really sheepy skein of farm wool – perhaps the best photo for color is the one not in the sun, pictured in the post below this one
seamless top down, inspired by this pattern

cream of tomato soup cardishirt

i had a completely different gauge and just winged most of it. when i ran out of the handspun, i switched to the farm wool. i then worked a bunch of 1×1 rib to repeat the pattern of the collar and to make up for the difference in gauge. at the bottom edge, i worked garter stitch. to draw the two garter stitch edges together and give it a finished look.

cream of tomato soup cardishirt

welcome spring!

cream of tomato soup cardishirt

i’m also thinking of this and this. and i might be distracted by this. and maybe i’m dreaming of this too. (all ravelry links)

p.s. the winners for the name game are up! click here and then click on the picture of the yarn to see them. if you want the yarn you named, give me an email at cosyknitsliterally (!at) gmail (dot!) com and we’ll work it all out.

9 thoughts on “cream of tomato soup cardishirt

  1. Such a cutie! I love the colors on top. I did the anthro capelet too and now I’m dying to do another raglan or cardigan. That’s my #1 project for the summer. Very well done.

  2. Well I meant to comment on the sweater yesterday, that it looked adorable on you, and I wondered if you had made it. Now I know. Love it. I will of course buy your book from you.

  3. That is so fantastic. It’s really flattering, and the colors look so great together. It’s one of those knits you really can wear all year round. Love it!

  4. Have I told you yet that you’re amazing. Well, you are. Beautiful, as always. Sigh… If only my carpal tunnel would magically disappear.

  5. Oh! That must be the perfect “cream of tomato soup cardishirt” I have ever seen. Perfect for wearing on chilly spring days. I like you version of the Anthropologie Capelet a lot better than the original.

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