knit one, embellish too!

Hello friendly blog readers,

I know many of you have already pre-ordered my book through And if you have, THANKS! If you have not done so, I have a request. If you can afford to, please consider buying my book through me. I will autograph the book and include a small skein of recycled sweater wool (50 yds). I am making this request because we are at a critical point money-wise and this may make the difference in between whether I get to keep crafting for my living or have to find a different job. I’m sure shipping will be a couple of bucks, so cost will be $25 for those of you in the US.  We’ll figure out international later.  If you would like to buy the book through me, it would be great if you could let me know by emailing cosyknitsliterally (!at) gmail (dot!) com. I would also appreciate any pre-payment you can make – either through paypal or check in the mail – so that I can get your book off to you right when I get them.

Thank you,

p.s. Just to give you all a heads up – many of the book projects will also be sold. The larger projects will be packaged as the knit, plus an autographed book for $150 each. The smaller projects will be the knit, plus an autographed book for $80 each.

p.p.s. The book comes out on the 23rd of May. I’ll have them in the mail as close to that date as I possibly can, scout’s honor.

14 thoughts on “knit one, embellish too!

  1. How much is the book through you on its own, Cosy dear? I’d be happy to buy it that way, as I’d love to have it signed!

  2. I would be interested in buying the book through you.
    I would love to support you and would like to see you continue doing what you doing. I envy you.
    I live in Burlington, Ontario Canada.
    I would love a signed copy. I read your blog daily and have already bought some of your patterns.
    How much would the book be and when could I get it.
    I can use paypal and pay either by credit card or my account. I guess you send me an invoice?

  3. I would love to order directly from you, but I believe I should wait until the beginning of May. Do you think you’ll still have copies around then?
    I’m real eager to see all that you’ve come up with, your hats are absolutely adorable!

  4. I just sent you an email; I’d love a signed copy, and am more than willing to help you out, but no need to send along a skein of yarn. I have plenty as it is now, and you might be able to sell that little skein to someone else to make a little bit of extra cash along the road. :)

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