shetland name game

as usual, if your name is chosen and you decide you want the yarn, email me and you get 5% off of the price and free shipping. game ends monday at midnight. i love your creativity and you are in NO WAY obligated to buy or even think about buying if you participate in the naming. there are two ways to name, click into flickr and comment, or comment on this blog post. the benefit to flickr is that, you get to see both a regular photo and the closeup. i’ve given each yarn a number to make it easier. here’s the one yarn that i couldn’t resist naming myself, the rest are yours to play with

cream of tomato soup
cream of tomato soup

what should my name be?

name me!

name me!

name me!

5 – not shetland, but local and animal friendly
quick!  i need a name

what do i remind you of?

what should my name be?

what do i remind you of?

what should my name be?

have fun!

7 thoughts on “shetland name game

  1. Number 8 (I think) It’s the greenish/yellow. “Wamboozle”

    The colors suggest bamboo but the content is wool.

  2. I love all your new mitts… and all that beautiful yarn!

    Some name ideas (this was incredibly fun):
    2. Autumn Garden
    3. Lemon Chiffon
    4. Tornado
    5. Plum and Pomegranate
    6. Mooney Falls
    7. Lichen
    8. Lime-Aid (not nearly as cool as Wamboozle)
    9. County Fair

  3. They’re all so beatiful! Here are my suggestions

    1. Hippogriff
    2. Koi
    3. Buttered Popcorn
    4. dragonfly wings
    5. blue berry jam
    6. frigida

    9. Midevil Knights

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