boring, but pretty :)

wow. am i ever boring when i’m working like crazy. here are some more exhausted dye bath yarns. my friend gwen commented on the last post of this sort that she never has any dye left in her water – that’s because she doesn’t put enough dye in…. er… i put too much dye in. i dye by the seat of my pants :D

truth be told, unless you have lots of extra yarn to throw in to exhaust the dye bath, you probably don’t want dye left in that water.

these yarns were once a pink american eagle outfitters sweater. they’re lambswool, very nice, and kind of tweedy. some turned out better than others. ben thinks the one in the back is gross, but it’s growing on me. love the red.

american eagle outfitters

the water that i have left over when dyeing is generally from the turquoise or magenta colored dye, as can be witnessed by these two photos. most of my dye bath exhaustions are variations on blue and pink for that reason.

my favorite this time is the second from the right in the blue category. it was dyed after the dye bath was pretty well exhausted and is a variation on crock pot dyeing i hadn’t done before. i’ll have to play with it again next time.

p.s. while being sabbathy yesterday i finished the second half of the front of my drops cardigan. two sleeves to go! now it’s time to go spin… another sunny day may call for some afternoon porch spinning again. expect handspun yarn soon.

p.p.s. don’t forget about the spring pattern sale! it’s going on for about one more week.

4 thoughts on “boring, but pretty :)

  1. I do find that blues/greens don’t always exhaust, but there’s not enough in the pot to do anything with. And they also wash out more than other colors.

  2. will the yarns under “boring but beautiful” go out on Etsy…..I like the one that you said was your fav, but all are beautiful!


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