knit knit

this morning i donated several hours of my time to help teach 15 carnegie mellon students how to knit in order to make chemo caps. it was fun. i *love* teaching and i also think it’s incredibly fun to support new knitters :) they all caught on super quick and by the time i abandoned ship, they were happily knitting and most were pretty far into their hats (one was even done!).

new biz cards

i also got these in the mail today. i needed some new business cards, so i broke down and ordered some moo cards.

and the full spread. best seen in flickr – clicking the all sizes button above the photo.
new biz cards

they’re expensive, but i love them. so pretty. and also, environmentally friendly.  they won’t last long and i’ll have to order some more, but they’re nice as a treat.

p.s. if you like ravelry and would like to give back in some way, go check out the ravelraiser that is going on.  it should prove to be fabulous.

4 thoughts on “knit knit

  1. They are lovely! Yes they are a little costly but they are so cute and catch everyone’s attention, probably because of their peculiar size. Good luck with the business!

  2. Ooh moo cards! I got a few for free when I got a pro account on flickr. They are the most adorable things in the universe! They make the photos look even more beautiful.

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