silouetted helmet hat

named by ben. i think this was my knitting project for working on at my last craft fair, then it languished. it is only fitting that it was completed this week, in time for the next craft fair.

silouette helmet hat

my hand dyed recycled sweater wool – blue and brown
my hand dyed thrifted wool – orange

size: adult medium/large
modeled here on the larger

silouette hlemet hat

working on this hat filled my deep-seated need to use my artistic brain which felt nearly rusty with all that spinning and designing. it’s funny how the only thing in the business that can really fulfill that is the hat making equivalent of painting for me, cause it’s not like the other things aren’t creative. i guess i’m just a bit conceptual at heart and to see it all come together, that’s what does it for me. i could never be just a dyer, spinner, designer and be happy with it. note to self – don’t go for weeks on end without doing this.

i have a question for you about the hat too – do you all like a asymmetry? or do you think i need to crochet edge the other earflap so they have the same density? the one with the crochet does stick out a bit more than the other. i was thinking subtle… so i’d do it in the orange, or perhaps a slightly lighter orange. that is, if i do it at all. i usually just do asymmetrical embroidery, so asymmetrical hatting is a whole new can of worms!

silouetted helmet hat

besides a date night tonight (yay!) when i will not be working, i’m planning to spend the next two weeks preparing for a earth day craft fair – putting my best sustainable foot forward, so to speak. have a great weekend!  i’m off to brainstorm ideas of things to sell.

7 thoughts on “silouetted helmet hat

  1. I loooooooooooove the asymmetry. I think it’s absolutely fantastic. To me, it looks like something blue is growing on the hat, like a moss or something, and slowly taking over. But in a really beautiful, not gross, way.


  2. Love the asymmetry! Since the decoration i.e. buttons are on the same side as the crochet the asymmetry works for me. The blue brings the eye to that part of the hat and the crochet just brings closure to the creation!

  3. In my opinion, ear flaps should not stick out. (Stick-outy ear flaps are drafty, leading to frostbite.) Other than that, I think the asymmetry looks neat. It might feel funny, though, to have it closer on one side than the other.

  4. Hi Cosy,

    The visual asymmetry is fun, but it might feel unbalanced. How long would it take to crochet some orange on the other flap? Going against my knitting instict, I would say try it. If you don’t like it, rip it out ;)

  5. I say keep the asymmetry. There is something about the extra little details that you add, and I love the idea of things being a little off-kilter and quirky. I think it speaks to your personality and makes your objects speak a little more about you. My humblest opinion, of course :)

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