do you know what i’m talking about when i say that? cheryl’s making one and called it ‘bsj’ the other day when she, rachel and i were spinning and rachel had no idea what was going on. ah internets lingo. if you have no idea, go look here (ravelry) or here (flickr). i’m thinking this yarn may be used for that.

probably not any time soon though… must finish my sweater first.

scrappy yarn

more spinning of bits and bobs. first, i dug up all of my small quantity reds/pinks, separated them into several sections, and lined them up in the order i was going to spin them. i had in mind that i might make a self-striping yarn and practice my navajo plying. ugh. don’t navajo ply when you have so many different kinds of wool mixed together. it’s asking for trouble. well, that is if you want to sell said yarn :) i also didn’t weigh the wool (it didn’t look like *that* much…) and it turned out to be 3 bobbins full. this is one big skein. how big?

276 yards and 6 7/8 oz big!! it may be destiny. i’ve wanted to try the ‘bsj’ pattern for a while, this would be plenty of yarn, the sweater looks fabulous striped and i think the garter stitch will hide all of the imperfections in my yarn* as well as give me a nice blending when the color shifts are too abrupt.

the many pinks

frankly, i’m not too sad that i can’t sell this one. i think it will be perfect :)

*read: where my yarn completely changes texture and feel and therefore also changes size when being spun. seriously, this skein probably has 4 or 5 completely different sheep breeds represented.

6 thoughts on “bsj

  1. this is gorgeous! the bsj is on my list as well — have received news that two little ones are on the way this fall. (secretly, “oooh, what will i knit?” was my first response.) your yarn makes me want to learn to spin. any recommendations on getting started/selecting a drop spindle?

  2. I think that will make a lovely BSJ. I think they look best in homespun, with the stripes and imperfections included. Can’t wait to see it! I’m planning one for my pregnant friend, but I’m waiting on the yarn until she finds out the sex.

  3. Yes, I’m starting a BSJ this weekend! have been agonizing over what yarn to use as I need a yarn that does something interesting on its own until I get the hang of the pattern. From what I read, you can’t just knit one, so I’ll do some stripes for the second!

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