au naturale

lately, i’ve been rather enamored with the natural tones of wools. in specific, whitish, oatmealy, and grey colors. very unexpected – i mean, my wedding dress wasn’t even close to white! and i make part of my living dyeing things so that they are no longer white. how could this happen?


i think the progression went like this:
first came this and this. then, lots of work on this. it couldn’t have helped that i have shetland wool on the brain and have all sorts of lovely shades of natural to spin. there are 11 different natural colors of shetland, you know. then last week, i found a squishy soft merino sweater at the thrift store (the squishiest, the softest) so i just had to turn it into this because i *needed* to touch the yarn

white wool

so for the new pattern, how could i do anything but this?

new pattern

the snow cat hat is almost ready to be published. the hat that made the final cut for the photo on the pattern was not white. but truthfully? i wish it was :)

have you found yourself drawn to any strange colors lately?  maybe it’s the weather…

5 thoughts on “au naturale

  1. Hmm… does seem to suggest a shift in the state of your mind or heart or something. Maybe a seasonal thing. Kind of like cleaning a slate. Or spring cleaning? Or..something. I like it. Those light yarns are good at showing shadow and stitch definition. Especially bulky light yarns. Very fun.

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