the best laid plans…

it seems only right that, hat knitter that i am, my first elizabeth zimmermann pattern be a hat. so a while ago, i cast on for the maltese hat from one of the spun out newsletters that flo gave me.

maltese hat - on me

the plan was to make a hat that ben and i could share. originally, i did the hat as described, but it came out fitting me and not ben, plus i looked like i had a volcano coming out of my head. cute? yes. what i intended? no. so i ripped back, added an inch to the body before decreasing, then smoothed the decreases out a bit. now we were in business.

maltese hat - on ben

but not quite. the yarn i had chosen from the wall of yarn, jumbo tweed, was actually itchy. you hear that? i was itchy. a very very rare occurance. the even further, ben was itchy, which defeats the purpose of having a hat for ben and i to share even if i could stand the itch.

truthfully, the dear maltese hat could be lined, but our climate doesn’t really require it, especially not on a bulky hat. maybe if ben still lived in alaska. the question is when would this hat be worn? so after much deliberation, i’ve decided to bid farewell to the maltese hat and exile the jumbo tweed to the wool pile i’m going to use for a rug sometime in the near future. it’s all very sad. i do kind of like the hat. i guess i’ll just have to make another one :)

into the bag full of stuff to frog it goes.

p.s. my friend jessica wrote this really fun entry on textiles in the movies if you’re interested. to tie into that, yesterday i got to see the workshop and have a very pleasant conversation with the man who is in charge of aging the textiles for the movie i knit for… and as a bonus they happened to be working on a costume of one of the major actors that included one of my hats!

4 thoughts on “the best laid plans…

  1. Oh how I detest ripping out something I spent so much time on. I made my husband a hat last month and it was huge! I just bought EZs almanac and it had that maltese hat pattern. Now that I see yours I have to try it.

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