done! thank the good lord.

these movie hats have lost their glamor after completing 6!! of them. ugh. i’m taking today off.


now, if you really know me, you’ll know that i’m a ranter, but not much of a complainer… so it’s serious when i say i don’t really need to do large amounts of ribbing again any time soon. furthermore large amounts of ribbing with intentional mistakes thrown in in the exact same place on each piece = no brainless ribbing for me. luckily, i was wise enough (although i don’t remember being wise) to not make a mistake every row or two, i spaced them.

seriously, 6 hats could have been an entire ribbed sweater!

just for fun here’s the hat color (light green beige) with the color i actually got in the mail. a bit different, no? i’m going to keep the bright green because i like it. i do need to do a shout out to the knitting experience, the owner of which went beyond the call of duty to get the yarn here quickly. thank you so much! (and good job on your photography…)

the color i thought i ordered

this week ahead is going to be mostly a design week, maybe with some spinning and color kits thrown in. here’s a peek at what i was dreaming of while i was ribbing.

in progress

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