race track (super hero) helmet hat

how’s that for a mouth full title? it reminds me of a bumper sticker i once had called bud-the-silver-naked-trucker. which i originally bought through this website back in the day. my favorite t-shirt is the one called fascist, but i can’t find bud :(

race track helmet hat

anyhow back to the hat. i made ben model the size large super hero helmet hat that i knit while working up the pattern.

recycled sweater wool

adult large

race track helmet hat

no movie knitting yet – we got the wrong yarn! i can’t believe how wildly inaccurate the pictures of the first four shops who came up with the yarn were… so i re-ordered. luckily, i found one of the tags around for this second go-round. you always hear about this happening, but i never imagined. i guess if i had an on-line store i’d keep taking photos until i got one close enough. these were no where near. live and learn. has this ever happened to any of you? in my own defense, i really don’t ever order yarn on-line, but i still feel i should have known better ;)

have a great day!

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