do over

it seems to be the year of such things – or maybe my business is big enough now that i come across such things. earlier, i made this hat to replace one that got eaten by a dog… and now i’ve made this one.

snowdrop hat - take 2

it replaces one very similar. i know how sad it is to lose/have eaten your favorite hat.

recycled sweater wool
hand dyed recycled sweater wool
a small ball of wool from vivian

18 mo.-4 yr.

green tree hat

speaking of loss, this hat is also a replacement… its predecessor being left in an airport on accident (a much better fate than being eaten if you ask me ;) i was lucky to have some of the original hand dyed recycled sweater green left – and even luckier to have found it in the mess that is the yarn room! (the yarn room is getting better, by the way…).

hand dyed recycled sweater
lamb’s pride (wool/mohair blend)
recycled sweater embroidery

adult medium/large

green tree hat - embroidery

have a great day!

1 thought on “do over

  1. Thank you Cosette for dropping by my blog and for the lovely email and kind words, much appreciated.
    Love that chocolatey brown in the hat, one of my favourite colours :)

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