this little piece


marks several firsts for me… first time really loving knitting with cotton and first time making a mitered square. the cotton is blue sky organic and it was lovely. i’m not going to go making a sweater out of it or anything, but i was quite impressed anyhow. the mitering? so fun. so fun in fact that, it being my sabbath, i continued to make more with some yarn that i had been eying all week. if anyone was planning to buy the yarn called my little pony from the shop, you’re too late ;) temptation was too great.


the first miter is for larissa’s dishcloth art project that you can read about here.

the other four? i have no idea what they are. maybe a tea tray and i’ll use the left over yarn for a granny square to grab the teapot handle with? oh… or a couple of handspun coasters for teacups?

any other ideas? any projects with miters that you have loved making? and speaking of, i’ve been admiring these beautiful mitered mitts. maybe they’ll be next… next meaning if i ever get around to them…

p.s. i got to use my hand made needles for all of these :)

2 thoughts on “firsts

  1. Hi,
    I am very happy that you were able to use the needles that I made. Did they work well for you? ( comfort, ease of use.) The things that you have posted are very pretty. If you have any comments, we would love to here them. This year we will have needles made of tulipwood,honey locust,hububali,cherry, mesquite,bocote,and many others. Hopefully you will get to see them all. (tulipwood goes very fast.) Thank you for puchasing the needles, and the nice comments. Hope to see you at Pittsburgh this year.

    Thank you,
    Mike Dunn

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