joe’s organ playin’ mitts

commission number two. for those of you who don’t know, ben is a classically trained organist and so, of course, we know many other organist types. these mitts are a commission for one of the men in his department.

joe's mitts

fingerless mitts, despite all of the debate that happens over their very existence, always come in handy for organists, practicing late at night in dark drafty churches. them and war heros, beings that joe’s mitts remind me of this historical knit from the thesis… the big differences being that these are fancy and the thumb opening is horizontal rather than vertical. both seem to work fine – i also crocheted around the thumb hole on both because i cannot suffer me a pair without the crochet (is that how you use that phrase? i needed it, but wasn’t sure:). still, like much of my stuff, reminiscent of the past. it was fun that joe wanted navy blue too.

(here’s ben modeling them on the keyboard in his plaid pajama pants)
joe's mitts in action

woodward’s wool thrifted in vancouver

i plan to have a long history of making mitts for organists.
here is a bad picture of the original pair i made for ben (really bad, maybe i should take a new one – these are really early knitting). his first organ professor also has a colorwork pair and we’ve plans for a pair each for some other good friends.

mitt up close

have a great weekend! i’m planning some dog walking, silk dyeing, board game playing, curry making, and cookie eating.

5 thoughts on “joe’s organ playin’ mitts

  1. This isn’t young Joe from northern NJ in his department, is it? (an old POE friend of my son’s) If so, tell him Jared’s mom says hello.

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