the waning moon

commission number one in the queue – christa’s mitts
(christa first made an appearance on the blog here, when i awkwardly met her on a bus in vancouver)

also known as the
waning moon mittens

waning moon mitts

gwen’s handspun
my hand dyed recycled sweater wool
recycled sweater yarn held together with a small ball of wool from vivian
new wool/mohair blend
my handspun
thrifted wool

waning moon mitts

women’s large.

i’ve been trying to conjure myself up a pair of mitts for months now and haven’t succeeded. maybe it will be my turn next because i love how these fit the hands.  christa is planning to make either a cord to go through her coat or little loops to clip them onto something.  that makes me smile.

thanks christa!

6 thoughts on “the waning moon

  1. Those are so pretty- if I wore those I’d have my arms outstretched constantly to look at them :-} I’m really looking forward to your book’s release!

  2. Heehee :) I’m notorious for losing stuff.. the last heartbreaker I can remember is a handknit long ribbed scarf I made myself from Handmaiden cashmere.. siiiiigh…

    Hopefully the cord or loops will keep these with me for a long time! I’ll send you pics of me with my arms outstretched, ’cause I’ll totally be checking out my mittens all the time, too!

  3. Whoa! I had to look really closely to figure out which was the one I contributed.. I couldn’t tell! It’s the blue/green section in the middle of the left hand, right? Those are really neat. :D

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