fingerless and fishtailed

ben got roped into doing a photoshoot this morning. i’ve been working on some mitts the last couple of days for commissions (neither of which these are) and i’ve also been trying to dig out all of the projects that never made it into the shop and put them in.

the pair of mitts from this post were first up to actually get photographed on hands.

watercolor mitts - in action

then the mitts from this post got both embroidery and photographed.

fishtail wallpaper mitts

fishtail wallpaper mitts

city spun handspun merino wool
a little ball of inherited wool from vivian
my hand dyed recycled sweater wool for the embroidery

i love love love how the duplicate stitch in a smaller yarn looks over the thick and thin bulky. it somehow looks organic to me. i also find the mixture of textures very pleasant – each wool with its own personality. the title of these totally came from a childhood memory of fishtail braids. remember those?

fishtail wallpaper mitts - in action

both pairs are women’s medium/small – slightly tight on my larger hands.

expect more mitts in the days to come!

and lastly, look what showed up while i was writing this… two boxes

what could be in them?
well – my yarn and needles from the book photoshoot (thank god for my needles! now where am i going to put all this yarn?)

and in that pink box? i can’t show you those yet… but the book looms on the horizon. and i just found out that there is a way for me to buy my book to sell through myself at craft fairs and such which is very exciting. goodbye tax return. ah well, hope it’s a good investment!

6 thoughts on “fingerless and fishtailed

  1. How ironic that you must buy your own book! I’m sure it will be a good investment, and wish you the best of luck. Those mitts are great. I love the dusky rose color.

  2. I remember fishtail braids. My mom used to do them in my hair all the time. They looked so cool!

    I really love the embroidered mitts especially. The color combination is wonderful; that watery aqua really pops.

  3. Cosy!! Those watercolor mitts are the perfect colors… you should know how much I’m diggin’ the shades, s I think just about everything I’ve posted so far (minus the little baby sock) pays homage to that combination.

    Ohhh… and I love mysterious boxes!

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