cleaning day!

finally. here are some new shelves for my sweater recycling.

new shelf

mind you, that’s not all of them. there are more in the trunk that the shelving unit is sitting on! many of the light colors are slated for over-dyeing – i don’t just love pastels and pinks :)

in the front bowl are scraps from recent spinning waiting to be spun up together.  not quite enough yet.

4 thoughts on “cleaning day!

  1. How nice that you have all that room. It makes me think of the “room of one’s own” advocated for women writers. Why not for women fiber artists, too? I’m going to have to try this unraveling a sweater thing…

  2. Ahhh… there’s nothing more satisfying than organizing the stash… I say as I stare across our floor which is covered from end to end in colorful plastic toys. Sigh… I think I’ll go pet my yarn again.

  3. I probably have about as many sweaters waiting to be recycled that you have on the shelves there… Most of mine are in various stages of being frogged. A sleeve here, a front there… And sometimes it’s just so nice to walk into a room and pet the softness of the sweaters that will someday become other cool things! :3

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