navajo plied

first of all, thanks to you all for the compliments on the sweater. i cannot announce who it is or what movie it is, but i’ll email you all :) for the curious, here’s the story of how it came to be. the experience was great because the costume designer and one of the costumers i was dealing with were fantastic. and who knows? maybe there will be more work coming my way from such things…

with that out of the way, here’s my first attempt at navajo plying.

in close

that sweater in five days certainly wore me out for fibery pursuits for one day and luckily, the day they picked it up was my sabbath. so yesterday, i laid around, read old blog entries about maryland sheep and wool which sounds like it will both be fun and give me a headache, read my novel, took a nap, relaxed. and then towards evening i spun up this cherry tree hill roving which i had bought while on vacation in alaska last summer.

navajo plied

my fiber arts rule on the sabbath is to not make anything that i will be selling… so the whole sabbath rule and also the whole mistake-ridden-first-navajo-plying thing ;) makes this yarn for me. by the third skein i was really figuring out the navajo plying and enjoying it. as with all fibery pursuits, it’s about finding out how it works best for you and your hands. this wool had shortish color sections and so i separated it in slightly larger sections so i could predraft and pull those sections out longer. that combined with spinning thin yarn gave me some longer repeats which gave me some nice solid colored sections in the final yarn.

i’m thinking stripes in a sweater i have in mind. i’m also thinking i may try to have that sweater done for maryland…

7 thoughts on “navajo plied

  1. The yarn is beautiful! I love to Navajo ply because it keeps the colors separated when you have long runs and I really enjoy the hand motions and just how cool it is to turn one ply of yarn into 3. I totally agree with you on “whatever works for your hands”- that’s my approach to spinning as well. I never understood when people said “you HAVE to do it like this”.. I guess I just don’t get into the “technical side” of spinning. I end up with yarn that I’m happy with.. so that’s all that matters to me.

  2. the yarn looks great. I just started to spin yarn using a drop spindle and i am finding it quite calming. I am really looking forward to spinning my own and making something with it. I want to learn it and do it all: gather my own fleece, prepare it for spinning, spin it and use it! so much to do, so little time!

  3. Beautiful navajo-plying, something I haven’t tried yet…

    Maybe we can meet at MDSW – I’m definitely going to be there this year! Dress in layers, both years I’ve gone wearing handknits and wishing I’d thrown a T-shirt underneath – it gets warrrrrm by midday, especially lugging fiber around!

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