my first sweater…

was knit for a movie star. how ironic. at least it is a good movie star who i like :) movie stars i like are hard to come by.

(blocking – mostly blocked by now, i had just flipped it over)
my first sweater

so the job description was to copy a store bought hemp sweater which they couldn’t get a duplicate of. the afore mentioned movie star is indeed one of the main characters and they needed a duplicate just in case.

(the two – the bought one on the bed, mine on the floor)
my first sweater

things i changed.
got rid of the random k3 in the k2,p2 rib (?!??)
made the sides actually line up so i could do k2,p2 rib all the way around without faking the seam (which happened randomly in the midst of the ribbing anyhow)
speaking of seams, store bought is in pieces
mine is from the bottom up and seamless
the one place that i really accommodated my different row gauge for the ribbing was around the neck because i figured what would be seen the most and it was the last i did – now i wish i had done all the ribbing like that – live and learn
and of course the yarn was in many ways not like the 100% hemp of the original

made from hempwol – 65% wool/35% hemp (A+ as yarns go, by the way)
held doubled throughout (pain in the arse)
and i would like to thank God that it blocked out well because it truly is difficult duplicating a store bought sweater in different yarn because there was no way i was getting all aspects of gauge that would have made it easy.

the bottom body part of this sweater was done twice and the whole thing was done in 5 days (not including the first body part).

my first sweater

the rest of the movie knitting is also done (6 hats), but they were whisked away before i got pictures… i guess i’ll just have to use screen shots ;)

(ben in the hemp one, me in the one i knit)
my first sweater

now that i’m beyond my first sweater, i’m thinking sweater vest for ben and a raglan for me, EZ style…

24 thoughts on “my first sweater…

  1. Congrats on your first sweater! It’s lovely.

    And now, I’m dying to know which movie star it is. So cool! Will your name be in the credits?

  2. Am I lame? I am so much less interested in the WHO than in the HOW you landed such a gig . . . did they just call you randomly? Do you know some wardrobe peeps? Do tell!

  3. I am interested to hear all of the answers to the above questions. I love that sweater. The color and fit are exactly what I have been looking for to knit for myself. Is it your own pattern or did you find it somewhere? If it is your pattern, will be selling it on etsy? Congratulations on everything!

  4. Movie knitting, whee! I have been afraid to try this because I don’t know if I can work on the deadline (scary!). What kind of time frame did they give you for all the work?

    You guys look cute in the matching gear! :)

  5. Holy cow! I’ve been reading your blog for several months now and I just now noticed that I went to high school with your husband! Small world craziness! I even ran into the two of you in AK at the wool store last spring. I was knitting two different colored socks… Ben should have introduced you as Cozymakes! I would have been all blog-star struck.
    Anyhoo, I’m also interested in the answers to the already asked questions and agree that the two of you look really cute in the matching sweaters. Nice work! The sweater looks super comfy.

  6. congrats on your first sweater! It looks great, and actually i wouldn’t mind having one like that for myself. I’ve yet to make a sweater myself and hope to tackle my first by the end of the year.

  7. That’s one nice sweater! Congrats on getting it done so quickly; sometimes I can’t even knit a scarf in five days, let alone a whole sweater. (Not that I’ve ever knit a sweater before, but I think it’d take me a few weeks at least!)

  8. ooooh i can’t wait to find out who it’s for! so exciting! it looks great – i would think that trying to copy a sweater as closely as possible when you’ve never before knit any sweater would be a heck of a lot harder than just knitting your first sweater from a pattern… awesome job!

  9. your first sweater?! if only i had the same success with mine. yours turned out great.
    congrats on a job well done. any chance you can let us know what movie/actor/actress the sweater is for?

  10. What a sweet shot of you and Ben… I guess he must be super tall, since you’re not so short yourself, but he seems to dwarf you ;-) Congrats on your first sweater! Can’t wait to see it in the release… or maybe even the previews ;-P

  11. What a great sweater! It looks both fine and a bit rural too. Are you now going to knit one for yourself? Have a great day & happy knitting!

  12. Hey you guys..

    You are missed. Looks like you’ve been up to amazing knit things. I walked by Long and McQuade the other day and smiled thinking of Ben. Your porch looks great. Do you miss the rain? Ben…have you seen No Country For Old Men?–Its got the creepiest character in film for the last ten years….

    Anywho….hope Pittsville is doin’ ya right. Say hi to Maggie and Lucas for me.



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  16. This is so awesome! You should blog about how you got into this…it’s one of my goals as a designer to see something I knit in a movie! :)

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