catch up

i’m knitting… my first sweater (more when it’s done) – lots of stockingnet stitch

movie knitting

i’m recuperating… from a weekend full of fun stuff. jess king of city spun was so fabulous, sweet, and engaging doing her demo at knit one. also, we had spinning group on saturday and soup/bread/cheese and craftiness after.

i’m distracted by… setting up my new ravelry store for my patterns. although i’m leaving the payloadz buttons cause i can’t figure out the ravelry ones. if you want to buy a pattern, please consider buying through ravelry by going to my shop over there. you can also download pdfs of my freebies there.  another place to buy my patterns is through my etsy shop.

i’m appearantly… going to maryland sheep and wool on a bus with 50 other people!!

i’m wanting… to be snowshoeing with my love.

i’m hankering… to get going on my queue of commissions and do some more creative work! and start working up some more patterns using your requests. thank you for those! also – cleaning the yarn room would be a great great thing.

i’m experimenting… with dyeing yarn for the store – last night i dyed silk for the first time. they already have some roving i did last week.

dyed silk

my favorite spots

dyed silk

i’m feeling pressure to… catch up on my emails and phone calls – geez! i get distracted by one big project and it spirals out of control.

my next blog entry? the sweater…

7 thoughts on “catch up

  1. you sure a busy girl! i am so gald that things are working out for you and i am really looking forward to your book coming out. can’t wait to see the sweater. i am also working on my first full size sweater for myself. the first sweater i made was a baby size. it is obviously a try out sweater, but now i have the idea and iam ready to go. still trying to get the whole sock thing together. have a great day!

  2. What’s the link to your Ravelry store? Do I need an account there to view your store? I’ve now been waiting forever for a beta account at Ravelry, so I can see what they offer :(

  3. It’s great (and inspiring) to hear about all you’ve been up to recently. I love that you’re adding online patterns to your repertoire! Good luck with all of your projects.

  4. Do you work at knit one? I’ve been meaning to make it to a spinning saturday, i just never remember! I work out at yarns unlimited one day a week. Your sweater looks fab, BTW.

  5. Woo-hoo!! Good lookin’ silk there Cosy!! Does the roving you took over to the store include that lovely one I was fawning over on Saturday? If so, I’m gonna run over there and grab it right quick; that is, unless someone else has already snatched it up!

  6. tee hee… I got it… it’s all mine mine mine!! I’m sitting here in our family room petting it and plotting what I’m gonna do with it once it’s yarn!

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