maxine’s little garter shale shawl

lots of blog entries this week! it’s been a snow week and the yarn store has been slow, so i’ve had much more time working at home. i almost have another pattern done to publish too! on to the finished object of the day. this one is going in the mail tomorrow. ben and i took advantage of the snow day weather to take some photos outside.

the professor i worked with on my thesis emailed me some time ago mentioning that there was a draft on her neck/upper back when she sat at her desk (which she does a lot since she’s a writer…). she asked if i still had this shawl left from my thesis and if i’d be willing to part with it. i didn’t have that shawl, but i did agree to make her a small shawl to wear while at her desk.

little garter shale shawl - in action

i knew when designing this shawl that i wanted incredibly warm garter stitch at the top and something lacy on the bottom, keeping in mind that she spent many years as a farm woman in rural alberta. practicality needed to be the priority. i worked all of the garter stitch and when i came to the point where i wanted to do the lace, i could think of nothing more suitable than old shale/feather and fan stitch – easy, pretty, feminine, practical.

little garter shale shawl

little garter shale shawl - back

recycled sweater – jones new york country – 50% wool/15% alpaca /35% acrylic
edging – vintage woodward’s wool, thrifted in vancouver

this yarn was chosen partially because she requested neutral colors and partially because the natural browns reminded me of the prairies. what i most loved about this yarn was the nubbly look that it knit up into. here’s a good photo.

little garter shale shawl

other things that turned out well – it turned out a very fitting size, although i can’t always tell when coming from the back of the neck. i loved working in a single and i’m so in love with contrasting borders :)

have a great day!

12 thoughts on “maxine’s little garter shale shawl

  1. This is beautiful. Do you sell them? Or can I commission one from you? The colors of this neutral shawl look totally different inside and outside!

  2. I really like this shawl. I much prefer a shawl that has an exactness and is not too lacy, as I don’t suit lacy particularly. And a very versatile colour.

  3. It’s got a timeless beauty to it. Simple and warm, a very comforting sort of shawl. The thrifted yarn looks almost homespun.

  4. Oh, that’s lovely. We’re starting to get warm down here in the South, but something like that would be nice for the in-between days we’re still having. Chilly and windy.

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